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Million_Moments: The Fandom Moments
Occasional Fic and other Things
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5th-Sep-2009 02:03 pm - Isis Awards
Atlantis by catalysticons
I won an Isis award for my Daniel/Elizabeth fic "Time Difference". I didn't even know I was nominated. First award I've won and it's sort of making me want to write fic again...
1st-Mar-2008 03:58 pm - The Kinded Part 2 (no spoilers)
Sunset by allhertears
Dear writers of Stargate Atlantis,

OMG! Accurate biology! Well done!


23rd-Feb-2008 10:03 pm - National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Sunset by allhertears
I've been to see this movie twice now. Last week I went with sd_sheep_killer and Angie (who has an LJ but I can never spell her account name). We had a crap seat though and I had to go to the loo four times (I drank alot before the movie ok?). Because of this, I completly didn't mind going again with rolleson today!

Spoilers!Collapse )
Sam/Jack by samjack_girl
Title: Things we have in common
Rating: PG-13
Category: Sam/McKay Friendship, Spoilers for Sunday, Angst, little Sam/Jack
Summary: Things we wish we didn’t have in common
A/N:Thanks to sd_sheep_killer for the beta.
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Team by coloneljack
Title: Time Difference
Rating: G
Category: Daniel/Elizabeth
Summary: The contemplation of silence is an unusual pastime.

A/N: written for maevebran who wanted a midnight meeting at the SGC.

fic be hereCollapse )
19th-Sep-2007 09:57 pm - Misconception [M]
Sunset by allhertears
Title: Misconception

Author: Melbell (Lj MillionMoments)

Rating: M (to be safe)

Category: Angst, AU Season 1, McKay/Weir Friendship

First Published: 04-02-07

An IntroductionCollapse )

FertilityCollapse )

PosistiveCollapse )

Unfortunate CircumstancesCollapse )

Privae ConversationsCollapse )

Out of Their HandsCollapse )

PartitionCollapse )

EpilogueCollapse )
Sam/Jack by samjack_girl
Title: How Jack Met Sam
Rating: PG
Category: Library AU, Jack/Sam, Humour
Summary: Does exactly what it says in the title

A/N: Co-written with rolleson

First Published: 03-21-07

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